Victory Honey

Pure Local Honey and Lip Balm

From Our Front Yard Hives

direct to You!



We encourage you to learn more about bees and honey by visiting the National Honey Board:


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We are a small, family-run apiary in the urban landscape located within the beltway of the Washington, D.C. metro region.

We sell various sizes of honey produced by our own bees right here in Arlington, Virginia.  We also produce fine beeswax lotions, creams and lip balms from the excess beeswax, in a range of delicious scents.

Help us to save the Honeybee population by:

  • supporting your local beekeeper, or becoming one yourself
  • reducing the use of chemical pesticides
  • purchasing local honey instead of imported brands

(Much of the honey on supermarkets shelves is originally from China, but packaged in the United States.  Be sure that under ingredients it lists only "honey", otherwise you are purchasing a blend watered down with other ingredients such as corn syrup. )

  • educating the public about the importance of pollinators like the honeybee in producing the amazing variety of fruits and vegetables we all enjoy!

We are concerned about the safety of the food we offer our children.  One of the wonderful benefits of beekeeping is knowing exactly where our family's favorite sweetener comes from- our own yard.

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