Victory Honey

Pure Local Honey and Lip Balm

From Our Front Yard Hives

direct to You!


Why the name Victory Honey?

Our family is inspired by the tradition of self-reliance and independence from foreign goods that is symbolized by the Victory Gardens of our grandparents' generation.  We know that local is still better for the environment and the economy, as well as our health. 

What can be more local than your own yard?

About Us

John started beekeeping as a hobby in 2010.  Little did we know how quickly it would become a family passion, with a something for everyone.  Mom makes the labels, daughter makes the lip balm, little sister is the official photographer, and big brother has started his own hive in a friendly competition with Dad.  If only we could get Grandma to make some candles!

We encourage other families to consider the wonderful benefits of a hive.  Our children have learned enormous life-lessons about biology, ecology, finance, marketing, community building, and responsibility.  The Italian bees we use are bred to be docile and we have had almost no incidents of stings.  We have also observed our yard and neighborhood ecosystem improve as a result of the bees.  Everyone wins!

We were excited to be featured in a recent Washington Examiner story about beekeeping!  Check it out: