Victory Honey

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Fun Facts

Here is a sampling of the amazing things our family has learned since we took up beekeeping.

  • A queen bee lays 1,000 or more eggs a day. 
  • If the queen fails in this task, her daughters will kill her.
  • A summer bee works herself to death in about six weeks.
  • Winter bees can live up to four months, as they rarely leave the hive.
  • Bees do not hibernate in winter, but remain active inside the hive to generate heat.
  • A bee only generates one human's mouthful of honey in her entire life.
  • Male bees, called drones, have no stinger and do no work. 
  • The drones are kicked out of the hive by their sisters before winter.
  • A female worker can have many jobs during her short life: nanny, housekeeper, undertaker, guard, scout and gatherer.
  • Bees are exceptionally clean and hygienic.
  • Honey never spoils; edible honey was found in King Tut's tomb after 2000 years.
  • Any bees can become robber bees that will try to sneak into a neighboring hive to steal honey, if the opportunity arises.
  • Bees can detect their own honey even after we have turned it into Mead.