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The blizzard in January 2016, coming soon after the heat wave at Christmas was very bad for our bees.  The weather conditions, added to the stress put on the hives by pesticide and herbicide use by Arlington County , destoyed our entire be population over the course of this past winter.  
We are now rebuilding, with seven new colonies that are all healthy and strong, but young.  None of these new hives has produced sufficient quantities of honey that we are comfortable taking any from them.  We have always left the bees an adequate supply of their own natural food source for the winter.  This year there is no excess honey for us.
We are very sorry not to be able to offer honey for sale in 2016, and even more sorry that we have none on our own kitchen shelf this year to enjoy.  Here's hoping for a far more gentle winter and lots of honey when these new hives burst to life in the Spring of 2017.  We will keep you posted.

1 lb. Honeycomb plastic no-drip squeeze bottle- SOLD OUT

2014 price of $9.00/lb

1/2 lb. Honey Bear plastic squeeze bottle


2014 price of $4.50/lb

2 ounce Mini Honey Bear     - SOLD OUT                       $3

with bowtie.

Great for stocking stuffers and party favors

(weddings, retirements, baby or bridal showers)!

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