Victory Honey

Pure Local Honey and Lip Balm

From Our Front Yard Hives

direct to You!


Take a look below at these photos of the honey harvesting process:

Photos of our bees and beekeepers at work. 

Fry Family Does Well Once Again at the Arlington County Fair!

Tim takes home another Grand Champion award for liquid honey.

John wins reserve Grand Champion for his Ross Round comb honey.

Abby wins for both her needlework and peach jam.

Sophie receives another Photography prize.

Abby's hand-dipped beeswax candles won Grand Champion at the 4H fair in July.

The process for harvesting the honey is called extraction.  The bees actually tell us when the nectar they have stored has reached the perfect consistency to be harvested by capping each individual cell of the honeycomb with a thin layer of pure white wax.  We remove the frames of comb that have been capped and take them to a screened-in porch where we can work with them without interference from the bees.  Next we carefully remove the wax caps and save this wax for use in our very own lip balm recipe.  Then two frames of comb at a time are placed inside an extractor (stainless steel centrifuge) and the honey is spun out of the comb, which we promptly return to the bees to be refilled with more delicious honey.  Following our May 4th harvest, it took the bees a mere 48 hours to have almost completely refilled the comb with nectar.